For the past twelve years, God’s Pit Crew has taken on many projects and new projects are scheduled every year. It brings our volunteer team tremendous joy to provide such a blessing to people in desperate need. There are too many individual projects to name, but here are a few:
Provided a brand new 14×70 mobile home to an elderly woman in Florida who lost her home during a tornado.
Provided building materials for homes to be built for the impoverished in Jamaica.
Totally rebuilt and furnished Cornerstone Church in Chalmette, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.
Totally rebuilt and furnished a home for the Kinsey family after it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
Totally rebuilt and furnished the home of the Hippen family in Violet, Louisiana.
Totally rebuilt and furnished St. Paul’s Church in the lower 9th ward in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
Restored several cottages at the Smokey Mountain Home For Children in Sevierville, Tennessee.
Made major repairs to the Smokey Mountain Home For Children’s Administration Building.
God’s Pit Crew helped Coca Cola Bottling Company partially rebuilt and furnished a home for an impoverished family in Bradshaw, West Virginia.
This family had never had running water and providing them with this life sustaining gift was extremely rewarding for our team.
God’s Pit Crew helped Coca Cola Bottling Company make major repairs to an outreach facility in Bradshaw, West Virginia.
God’s Pit Crew volunteers built a playhouse for the Children’s Miracle Network to aid need children at Duke Children’s Hospital. This playhouse raised $9,500 for the children in need.
Totally rebuilt and furnished San Leon Community Church after it was destroyed by Hurricane Ike.
Volunteers built a playhouse to help raise $7,000 to benefit the House of Hope Homeless Shelter in Danville, Virginia.
Partnering with our friends at Spirit FM, God’s Pit Crew collected 40 tons of food that was redistributed to food banks throughout Southside Virginia during our Neighbor to Neighbor campaign.
Replaced a roof on a home for children in North Carolina.
Made significant repairs to a home of a retired pastor in North Carolina who suffers from Alzheimer’s.
Replaced a roof on a home for a resident in desperate need in Danville, Virginia.
Collected and shipped thirty-seven (37) container loads of relief supplies, including a commercial kitchen to feed the victims and disaster relief workers, in Haiti.
Partnering with the Southern Baptist Association, God’s Pit Crew shipped 5,000 buckets of non-perishable food to Haiti.
Built eight (8) houses that will accommodate 14 families, and a commercial playground in Boutin, Haiti.
Along with many smaller projects, built a 5,000 square feet house at Chestnut Mountain Ranch in West Virginia. This home is a refuge for underprivileged and troubled boys.
Built and furnished a brand new home in Mississippi for a missionary couple who were expecting their first child and living in a small storage building.
Provided a new home that was fully furnished to a disabled mother of three in Danville, Virginia.
Built and furnished a brand new home for a wounded soldier and his family in Danville, Virginia. This home was given to him on Independence Day weekend.
Put a new roof on a Pulaski, Virginia resident’s home who was suffering from stage 4 lung cancer and did not have insurance following the tornado there.
Built a school for hundreds of displaced children after the devastating tornado in West Liberty, Kentucky. In just seven days the West Liberty Elementary School was complete with 15 classrooms, 4 offices, a media center, a computer lab, library and cafeteria.
Replaced a roof on a church in Boutin, Haiti that was still heavily damaged from the earthquake.
God’s Pit Crew and Toyota of Danville, Virginia have begun a program called Helping Friends Next Door. This outreach program will give God’s Pit Crew the funding to do numerous small projects throughout our community.
Rebuilt a home for a pastor in New Orleans. This home was still badly damaged from Hurricane Katrina.
God’s Pit Crew hosted a banquet for International Missions Outreach of Port au Prince, Haiti. Nearly 600 people attended this banquet in Danville, Virginia. This banquet provided child sponsorship to hundreds of children in Haiti that will provide them an education, a hot meal every day, uniforms and medical treatment.
God’s Pit Crew has completed several smaller projects such as handicapped ramps, cutting down dangerous trees from property, repairing or replacing roofs, painting, etc.
Built a home for a retired missionary couple who spent their lives working with the deaf children of Haiti. In 12 days, GPC built and furnished a house from the ground up.