God’s Pit Crew has never been busier. In the past three weeks, we have responded to both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and Maria simultaneously.
127 tractor trailer loads, almost 15,000 Blessing Buckets, thousands of cases of water, and more have been sent to the Houston area to help those affected by Harvey.
In addition to the truckloads of hope, a satellite team of volunteers have been working on gutting out damaged homes for dozens of families. Here at home, volunteers have been working long hours, answering phones, processing product and monetary donations, loading additional truckloads of relief, assembling additional Blessing Buckets and more, for not just Hurricane Harvey, but Hurricane Irma as well.
Last week, God’s Pit Crew sent four tractor trailer loads of relief before Hurricane Irma even made landfall in Florida.
As of late yesterday afternoon, 15 tractor trailer loads, containing water, Blessing Buckets, and additional relief supplies have been sent to multiple cities in Florida, including Ocala, Tampa, Naples, Plant City and more. Additional loads are already being planned and scheduled.
Now that both storms have passed, God’s Pit Crew will continue providing hope, healing, and restoration to those who are hurting in Texas and Florida. A larger response team is still planning to travel to Houston, but the logistics are still being worked out. After a meeting with pastors in Houston, they told GPC officials that their greatest need right now were school supplies, as well as GPC Blessing Buckets.
“It’s more than just a bucket,” said Pastor Mark with The Journey Church in Kingwood, Texas.
“It’s hope expressed, and it’s also tied into the supernatural hope that at the end of the day, it’s all about Christ and it’s all about people finding hope and healing.”
Additional truckloads of hope will be sent to Florida as needed, but more Blessing Buckets will need to be assembled. The over 3,400 Buckets assembled last Saturday are already being shipped out to Hurricane Irma victims, and are quickly depleting.