Brief History

WHO WE ARE : In May of 1999, Randy and Terri Johnson answered the calling upon their lives by responding to the devastation caused by the largest tornado in recorded history in Oklahoma City, OK. After using borrowed trucks and trailers to deliver three loads of supplies, they returned home from Oklahoma with a sense of great accomplishment. Little did they know that this was only the beginning of something much greater than they could have imagined. Soon the non-profit crisis response organization known as God’s Pit Crew was born.
As of 2016 we have responded to 89 major disasters in 25 states and 9 countries. We have built and furnished more than 30 homes and freely donated them to families in need, as well as renovated dozens of churches and children’s homes.
We have also distributed more than 200 million pounds of relief supplies to individuals and agencies.

“With God’s help and direction to bring hope, healing and restoration to hurting people in times of crisis.”
To position ourselves to become one of the most effective disaster relief organizations in America and to continuousely respond as God leads to hurting people in times of crisis across the street and around the world.
 Volunteer Drivers
God’s Pit Crew keeps its road tractors and trailers on the road, continuously picking up and delivering loads of hope. These trucks have to be operated by individuals who are Class A certified by the DMV. Our volunteer truck drivers are an incredible group of people. They drive an average of nearly one hundred thousand miles per year!
Our Equipment
5 Road Tractors
6 Box Trailers
1 Fully Equipped Tool Tractor Trailer
1 Low Boy Trailer
2 Refrigerated Trailer
3 Skid Steers
1 Mini Excavator
1 Mobile Shower/Laundry Trailer
3 Dual Wheeled Trucks
1 Toyota Tundra (2011)
1 Gooseneck Flatbed
3 Gooseneck Trailers
1 14 Foot Enclosed Trailer
1 250K Diesel Powered Generator
200,000 Square Foot Warehouse located
at 2499 North Main Street, Danville, VA
Our Volunteers
God’s Pit Crew is comprised of nearly 300 volunteers. The annual average of volunteerism is over 45,000 hours! The in-kind hourly rate for 540,000 hours (45,000 x 12 years) at the current rate of $22.60 per hour equals approximately $12,204,000 (12 million dollars) worth of volunteerism. Many of our volunteers have recieved Presidential Service Awards for their work with GPC. We think that they are the most amazing and caring people on earth!