randy circleFounder / President
Randy Johnson
Years ago Randy Johnson stood at an altar and felt the call of God to do more than occupy a pew. Then a decision to help those who were affected by a tornado in OK. City transformed this simple local business man’s heart forever.
terri circle
Co-Founder / President 
Terri Johnson
When Randy and Terri set out to simply be a blessing to those devastated by a storm, she had no idea that it would become one of the nations top crisis response organizations.
Vice President of Ministry Operations
John Cline
After spending eleven years as a youth pastor with a heart for international missions, in 2013 John accepted the calling and offer to become the operations manager for God’s Pit Crew.
rhonda circle
Vice President of Advancement Operations
Rhonda Zola
Rhonda grew up in the Lead Mines community in Austinville, Virginia.  In 2008 she joined the God’s Pit Crew Staff.
Vice President of Business Operations
Tim Case
Tim is a native of Danville, Virginia. Tim has an extensive background and strong skill-set in business, finance and technology.
shane circle
Marketing Director
Shane Brogden
A 2014 graduate of Averett University. Shane knew God’s Pit Crew was the right fit for him when Randy told him during his interview that they were not just hiring a person for the job, but they were hiring a family member.
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ricky circle
Volunteer Transportation Manager
Ricky Hyler
Volunteer Warehouse Manager
David Willis